Povfish Synthesis Meeting

posted Oct 28, 2009, 6:55 AM by Kristoffer Kokkvold

Dear all

We trust that by now you have arrived home sound and safe. We also hope you have as fond memories of Tanzania and our deliberations as we have. Thank you all for your excellent contributions and your positive and constructive engagement. In addition to a productive meeting, we also had great fun. The combination of the two should bode for success. We are therefore firm in our belief that we through our collective effort should be able to make important impacts and achieve great things.

Re. revisions of papers: If you have your revisions done before that deadline of January 1, please send them to us. The earlier we can start the editorial process, the better. If you should need to talk with us about your paper during the revisions from now until the deadline of January 1, please do not hesitate to contact us

For the commentators; don’t forget to send your comments in writing to the author/s with a copy to us so that we can upload them on our internal web site. If you have photos that you want to share with us, please send them as well.

Kristoffer will in a separate message inform you about what you need to do re. reimbursement.   

Good luck with your revisions, and all the best.

Warm regards,

Svein, Arne and Kristoffer