Synthesis meeting


Tanzania, 14 - 18 October 2009

The second PovFish meeting takes place in Tanzania in October 2009. It starts with a visit at the University of Dar es Salam, before the PovFish'ers go to lake Victoria and Mwanza, where the syntesis meeting will be held.


Wikipedia about Mwanza:

Mwanza is a city in northwest Tanzania and a southern port of Lake Victoria. The region is located between latitude 10 30' and 30 south of the Equator. Longitudinally the region is located between 310 45' and 340 10' East of Greenwich. Regions boardering Mwanza region are Kagera to the West, Shinyanga to the South and South East. The North East boarders the Serengeti and Mara region. The northern part of Mwanza is surrounded by Lake Victoria which separates the region from neighbouring countries of Uganda and Kenya. ...more...

Google maps, Mwanza: